Enchanted Dolls


Marina Bychkova creates amazingly life-like porcelain and clay dolls by combining old techniques such as casting with a unique process of stringing the different parts of the doll together so that its limbs move and rotate. She also incorporates intricate details such as fine gold jewelery, tattoos and in some cases even wounds and scars. The results are off-putting but striking and can be explored in the extensive galleries on her website.

Marina was born in Russia but immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in her early teens. According to her website, inspiration is found in a mulitude of places but she believes her dolls are interesting because she looks outside of the doll world for inspiration. She says,

Creating a visual narrative is the most intriguing way of articulating my ideas and a doll is a perfect medium because of its potential for such visual story. My strong tendency for escapism has made the make belief narrative of fairy tales very appealing as a context for my dolls. What interests me most about fairy tales is the implicit and often explicit violence that www.cialis-versus-viagra.com lies just beneath the surface of the magic. (source)

Each doll is created to order and takes about two weeks to complete and a range of customisation options are available.

Elena the Beautiful image from Enchanted Doll.

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