Buy Chocolate Anuses at The Shop of Horrors in London

The Last Tuesday Society's Shop of Horros in Bethnal Green, London

The Last Tuesday Society “is devoted to exploring and furthering the esoteric, literary and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond.”

They hold a wide variety of beautiful, curious events, and I suspect we’ll be writing about them again in the future. But today we’d like to highlight their incredible Little Shop of Horrors in Bethnal Green, London. The shop of curiosities sells:

A wide variety of curiosities and oddities […] from human fetuses to shrunken heads, chocolate anuses, carniverous plants, orchids and mutated teddy bears, not to mention a fine selection of speciality teas, broken children’s toys and dead plants

It’s located at 11 Mare Street, and is currently open 12-6pm, Friday to Sunday.

Dan Zambonini

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