Tristan Perich's mini-orchestra experience – on a microchip

Over the summer Tristan Perich released an album of five compositions called 1-Bit Symphonybuy cialis online no prescription canada

m>, housed in a regular CD jewel case.

So far so typical – apart from the fact that there is no CD here or any recording media. The music is generated live from a microchip inside the case and output from a headphone socket also housed on the case.

So 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording as such, best place to check credit score but it is a physical artefact which allows you to experience the production of the music live, just for you. I use the word “orchestra” loosely but hey, this is art.

The tunes are also available as digital downloads but it’s not quite the same experience as the physical album package, which costs £23.99 (but has unfortunately sold out at the time of writing).

A microchip mini-orchestra is never going to become the dominant way of distributing music. But, just as quality photography prompted Picasso and other nonrepresentational artists to search for new and exciting areas in visual art, we could see this a creative reaction in physically-distributed music to the dominance of digital files. Fortunately many would concur that the actual music here is very good too.