Animal Bath Patents

Animal Bath Patent Illustrations

If you want to know what was truly important to any particular generation, you could probably do a lot worse than browse the patent applications of the time.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised whilst trawling through the patents of the late 19th and early 20th Century to find a glut of animal baths. At first I found them funny, but eventually found myself enamoured with the beautiful (OK, so sometimes funny too) line drawings. Those shown above are:

What’s the best old patent you can find in the database? Can you top the wonderfully simple sex aid (sorry, “Appliance For Assisting Anatomical Organs“) from 1897?

Dan Zambonini

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  1. You never realise how much you could do with one of these till you see one, do you?
    Thanks for leading me to Google Patents. Happily wasted a great many hours producing instant installation fodder by the simple expedient of searching on promising words on advanced search restricted to the time span 1880-1919.

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